Harriers Committee Members

How does the committee work?

The club was started back in March 2015 by Ben Newman, to find others to run with in the local area. By May 2017  the club membership and workload had grown to such an extent, that Ben asked if the members would take over the running of the club. It was therefore decided to form a committee.

The Committee consists of volunteer members, including eleven Management Committee Officers (some shared roles) and a small number of Co-Opted Officers (run leaders, event leaders, etc). All the management positions are elected each year at the Club Annual General Meeting (AGM). All meetings are open to club members.

The role of the Committee is to make decisions on behalf of the members to ensure the club is run properly. This includes facilitating activities that club members want to do and ensuring that the club benefits all members.

Duties of all Committee Members

  • Regular attendance at club meetings and regular interaction at training nights with members
  • Ensure we are a friendly and safe running club.
  • Be approachable to all, both as a member and part of the committee.
  • Help to promote the club.
  • Help where needed during events.
  • Suggest new ideas/approaches to the club.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions about the club, your committee are the people to speak to. Please see them on club nights, by contacting us via the Harriers Facebook page, or if you’d prefer you can mail us on hucclecoteharriers@gmail.com

Management Committee Officers

Nick and Kate Beevers
Nick: I joined the Harriers in 2016 to help me reach my goal of running Gloucester marathon. Being more of a social jogger I enjoy that aspect of group runs and the motivation I take from others achievements. My favourite session would be the off-road Sunday trail runs.
Favourite Distance/Event
100 meters but if I need to go further it’s a half marathon/Cheltenham Challenge

Kate: I started running in 2016 in order to see more of my husband who was training for a marathon! Joining the cub has made such an impact on my life and my Tuesday evenings. The Harriers has given me the courage and opportunity to run half marathons, something I’d never considered. You will always find me at the back of the run, with a smile on my face and chatting! Running with the Harriers or being an Orange Army Supporter brings out the best in us all!
Favourite Distance/Event
Anything that involves running through the Gloucestershire countryside.

Kerri Green
I started running in 2009 but it took years of plodding the streets of Elmbridge alone before I had enough confidence to even take part in the Race for Life. The ‘event bug’ had been caught and I signed up for Stroud Half Marathon, completing my first in 2013. I joined the Harriers in 2016 having been seduced by one of Dave’s Sunday morning trail runs. Hucclecote Harriers isn’t a running club, it’s a family, and the support you receive regardless of age or ability is priceless.
Favourite Distance/Event
Half Marathon/Stroud Half

Adam Coates
I ran my first half marathon in 1999 and since just jogged the same old flat laps on the road; on average my HM time got a minute slower each year. Then my sister-in-law introduced me to a new local group; the Hucclecote Harriers, and what a joy it has been to discover running with others, I’ve now beaten my early HM times and embrace running all kinds of routes, distances and tempos. When demand dictates I lead Couch to 5k sessions, so if you don’t see them on the Events do get in touch.
Favourite Distance/Event
Longer, slower, more off road/Royal Forest of Dean Trails Half Marathon

Run Officer
Dave Jones
Been running for around 3 years. Favourite runs are off road don’t mind the distance but the longer the better. Been with the Harriers from the beginning.
Favourite Distance/Event
As long as possible/Any Off Road events

Social Secretary
Claire Bryant
I regularly said I’m never doing a Half Marathon. Eventually I gave in & did Glos HM. Absolutely loved it. The support, the HH company going round. My time wasn’t important it was completing it as a challenge to myself I’ve now completed a 2nd HM & got 3 more booked in. I prefer the slower pace of a HM to the pressure of a 10k trying to get round as fast as you can.
Favourite Distance/Event
Half Marathon/Gloucester Half Marathon

Gloucester Sports Liason
Rhianna Love
I started running whilst at university in 2015 when I impulse signed up to Bath Half Marathon! When I moved back to Gloucester in September 2016 I no longer had a housemate to run with so I joined Hucclecote Harriers… and never looked back! Since then the support and friendships from the club have been immense. Two years ago I could hardly run to the top of my road (literally) and now I’m keeping up with guys with legs twice as long as mine. If you are ever losing faith in human kind then join a running club (preferably this one) and you will see how much kindness and support is within so many good people.

Favourite Distance/Event
Parkrun 5k/Half Marathons

IT Officer
Paul Ravening
I started running back in early 2016, but got bored quite quickly running by myself. I joined the Harriers that November and never looked back. I love the family feeling of the Harriers, everyone has been so supportive and friendly! I really couldn’t have accomplished what I have done without them. I’m now looking at running a Marathon next year.. something I’d never have considered before I joined the Orange Army!
Favourite Distance/Event
10K/Cheltenham Half Marathon

IT Officer
Dan Port
I have always had a passion for athletics. I was a county long jumper for Kent for a few years and quietly ran longer distances in my twenties without much purpose. Suddenly Hucclecote Harriers appeared on my doorstep and I went along to the very first session. I’ve loved it ever since and the support and camaraderie within the club is outstanding. It has been a joy to represent the club and watch it grow over the years. It has genuinely changed peoples’ lives for the better and that is what sport is about. If you’re reading this and are worried about feeling too slow or are low on confidence, come along. This really is a club for everyone.
Favourite Distance/Event

Parkrun Liason – Gloucester North
Steve Blackmore
Joining the Hucclecote Harriers in July 2015 felt like it was going to be a good thing to do, and, two and a half years later, I can honestly say that it’s THE best decision I’ve ever made. Not only has my running improved immensely (thanks to the variety of sessions, and due to the extra motivation that comes from running with other people), but, far more importantly, I’ve made lots of great new friends along the way. The Harriers really are a wonderful, supportive, fun, inclusive, unanimously positive community, who have provided me with so many magical moments, and memories, over the past couple of years. So, if you happen to be thinking about joining our merry orange band, then please think no longer, and just jump right in! I guarantee you’ll love it!
Favourite Distance/Event
Gloucester 10K

Parkrun Liason – Kingsway
Sophie Hope
I’ve run on and off all my life but really fell in love with it after I joined a running club when living in Suffolk. Once I moved back home to Gloucester in 2014 I began looking for a club that would emulate it in terms of fun and friendliness. In all honesty I wasn’t sure I would. How wrong was I?! I came across Hucclecote Harriers not long after its inception in 2015 and have been made to feel extremely welcome despite not being able to make evening training sessions. You can often find me running with my son in the buggy at parkrun and beyond. If you struggle to make evening sessions please do come along to parkrun and say hi!
I often say that joining a running club was one of the best things I ever did – and I still stand by that in terms of bringing me happiness and confidence in life in general, not just sport. If you are thinking about it, just do it. You won’t look back.
Favourite Distance/Event
5K and Half Marathons/Cheltenham Challenge Half