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New Tuesday Meeting Point (Posted:29/06/18)

It was decided at the AGM that the current meeting point at the end of Green Lane is becoming unsuitable with the growing numbers of us attending.

Starting from now the new meeting point for Tuesdays is still on Green Lane, but about 600 metres down, on Hucclecote Green, near to the large Oak tree.

Burn Event 1. Wednesday 24th May 2017

Please click here to read the run report.

Berkeley 10K Monday 15th May 2017

On a grey and wet Monday evening, Sarah Riordan and myself headed down the M5 to take part in the Berkeley 10k. “I’m not really feeling great, so don’t worry about me” she said, yawning her head off. I wasn’t sure if it was the truth, or a cunning ploy to throw me off. As we parked up in view of the looming reactor blocks of Berkeley Power Station, the rain was still bouncing off the windscreen. “Don’t worry!” I said. “My phone says it will stop in 11 minutes!”. This received a lot of pi** taking from the passenger seat! Needless to say, it didn’t.

We wandered up to Hamfields Leisure to register, with me munching on my Tribe bar (thanks again Rhianna). Mark Perkins was looking far too professional warming up by the roundabout, we caught up with him later at registration. Once the obligatory battle with the safety pins and toilet breaks were done with, we headed to the start line.

As if in a nod to Gloucester North Parkrun, their megaphone had broken. So once a man had shouted something to us that nobody heard, and had blown a whistle… we were off! Mark shot off into the distance at a good pace. I worked through a lot of traffic and as ordered, left Sarah behind. Or so I thought.

The course is a two-lap circuit. It goes out into the lanes behind Berkeley, then back onto the main road to loop round again. It has a slight hill on the 3k/6k mark, but nothing to worry about. The wind seemed to drop there every time, making it very warm. I’d lost sight of Mark by the 3k mark. Checking behind me though, I was pleased to see Sarah a short way back, obviously feeling a lot better.

Trying my best to keep my pace below 5.00/Km was starting to take its toll, and on the second ascent into the village I was starting to struggle. Sarah caught me at this point, and it helped to run with her for a couple of minutes. Once we were back out on the main road though, I did my best to lose her! We flew back down towards the Power Station, and around the roundabout where I got to take on a couple of people for the sprint to the finish. I managed to take one at least, and it was lovely to be cheered on by the fab Georgina Emile and the Angels crew as I crossed the line!

I hadn’t looked at my watch properly by the time Sarah arrived, and didn’t quite believe what I saw when I did. We had both smashed our PB’s, and come in under 50 minutes! Grabbing a water, we shot off to get our chip times printed. Mark caught up with us then, and we got a photo before he left us. We then headed to the bar for our free celebration drink before going home.

In summary, it was a fun flat race, perfect for PB’s as we proved. However seeing as the organisers managed to put off one of our members by describing the course as for “ professionals only”, they managed to make a glaring mistake with bib numbering.

They ended up handing out incorrect numbers to some, and have been fixing it retrospectively. Sarah’s noted she’s dropped two gender positions since Monday night. I may have, I’m not that observant! Also you don’t get a lot at the end, just a half pint of drink. A bit more would have been nice.

That aside, I’ll be back next year I think. Hopefully with a few more Harriers in tow.

Results (Gun times):

Mark Perkins 46:49.1 (PB)

Paul Ravening 49:27.9 (PB)

Sarah Riordan 49:40.0 (PB)

HH Committee Meeting, Saturday 13th May 2017

Apologies for the delay, but the minutes for the May 2017 committee meeting are now available here.

We’re still looking to fill positions, both on the admin and events sides of the club. Please come forward if you’re interested and talk to any of the committee.

Angels 10k, Ashleworth, Sunday 30 April 2017

Six Harriers headed to Ashleworth on a fine and dry bank holiday Sunday to take part in the annual Angels 10k race, Part of the Gloucestershire AAA County Road Race series. Advertised as ‘undulating’ we weren’t sure what to expect although Neil Cumming, having done it in the past, did describe a large(ish) hill at some point, that was something to look forward to!

The run started at Woodpeckers Cricket Club, it seems to attract a lot of local club runners (which always makes me more nervous), we arrived early as the instructions said arrive by 9.30am to pick up timing bands and race chips and to listen to the race brief.

Whilst we had a bit of time to kill we did what any runner does and headed for the loos, nice that there was no queue, always a bonus!

Just before 10am we were all ushered onto a lane just beyond the cricket club in readiness for the 10am start, anxiety kicking in, we wished each other good luck and off we went. Sophie Priest (who had her debut outing with the Harriers), Rhianna Love and Paul Ravening were further up front, Neil in the middle (easily spotted with the rather fetching blue and orange cap he was wearing that I’d been admiring earlier) and Sarah Gray and I bringing up the rear.

It was a quick start, the route was scenic, mainly quiet country roads. The hill came after about 2.5 miles and we could see it looming, I have to admit, I did end up walking near the top, my legs just didn’t want to carry me (I’d like to point out I wasn’t the only one!) thankfully it was over fairly quickly and at least there was a water stop quite soon after, by that point it had got quite warm and I was very grateful for the half cup of water presented to me, lesson learned for the future, don’t try and keep up with the faster runners because you’ll be paying for it later! Thankfully any inclines that followed were rather short lived and before we knew it we were heading back towards the Woodpeckers field for the finish, cheered on by the marshalls who’d done a great job of looking after us en route. Turned out, despite the undulations, myself, Paul and Sophie had all bagged ourselves PB’s!

The freebies were a (very welcome) cold bottle of water, a banana and an Angels water bottle. Once we’d regrouped and congratulated each other on a job well done we headed to the club house where there was homemade cake aplenty, it all looked delicious and I think Paul took full advantage!

Harriers: Neil Cumming, Sarah Gray, Rhianna Love, Sophie Priest (PB), Paul Ravening (PB), Rachel Woodland (PB).

Harriers take over Gloucester North Parkrun! – 29.4.17

Here is some wonderful feedback from participants and volunteers at our Parkrun take over:

“I just wanted to thank Hucclecote Harriers today for the pacing.
My 35 minute pacer Kate Beevers, never gave up on me the whole way round. Without her I would have seriously dropped off. It was fantastic and a massive help. Thank you!”

“Feeling on top of the world thanks to Laura from Hucclecote Harriers who was pacing at 36 minutes.. not only did I manage to run the whole 5k for the 1st time EVER, I got a PB… Thanks Laura xx”

“It was a lovely day being a marshall, seeing groups focusing on their pacer, and so pleased that they were achieving more than they thought they could. Win win for everyone involved!”

“Best park run so far! What a fab atmosphere!”

“Awesome pacing and a fantastic idea. Thank you Hucclecote Harriers and GNPR for organising such a great week.
Same again next year?”

“Great organisation and good to have all the different pacers, was a really good run today ( apart from my cramp at the start of lap 3! )”

“Great work guys really helped to get better. Tried to catch pacers as I was running so helped to push me forward.”

“Thanks to all pacers today! Great to see so many!”

“Fab work by the pacemakers, my son and best friend both got new PB’s – thank you!”

“Thanks everyone for your contributions today. I’m afraid I only just managed to turn up but it’s great to see the Harrier team in operation!”

“Only two runs in with the Harriers and I’ve smashed my PB and run at a pace I never thought I could manage! Shame I forgot my bar code. Thanks to all the pacers yesterday, especially the lady pacing 30 mins!”

“Thank you for today, loved it. Having the pacers was so good!”

“Just wanted to say thank you for everyone’s help this morning and with a particular mention to the 28min pacer who helped me get a new PB and to finish at 27:59 with one second to spare!”

“Feeling inspired after the Harriers takeover this morning!”

“Just wanted to say what an absolutely smashing HH parkrun that was today! Huge ‘Kudos’ to everyone involved!”

“I am no longer a HH GNPR virgin. Great event and how fab to have so many pacers and supporters and friendly welcoming faces. Well done everyone!”

“Thank you to all the helpers and pacers at the GN Parkrun today. Especially Neil Cumming the 29 minute pacer – if it wasn’t for me trying to keep up with you the whole way around I wouldn’t have managed not only a new PB 28.51, but my first sub 29. Great atmosphere today I really enjoyed it.”

“Thanks for another special Harriers morning. Looks like I got my 4 followers around in time and the two youngsters got a PB. Happy days!”

Beers, cheers & tears @ Westonbirt 10k – 11/12/2016

As you walk through the beautiful grounds of Westonbirt House and gardens there are many sights to be seen: Supreme Victorian architecture; the walled Italianate Garden; the double fountain pond; herds of deer…and on Sunday, shining like the Star of Bethlehem was the roaming advert for Gloucester Sports as 19 Harriers ran in matching soft shells, Beanies and vests (Long-sleeve tops now available,)  whilst Jo Vickers well and truly proved that you can complete a 10k whilst smuggling a couple of Christmas puddings up your top (see pictures if you haven’t laughed at this point.) She did exclaim that the berries didn’t seem to be quite in the right place though, how very saucy!

So, after the initial meet and what will probably become a traditional bum squeeze to test the firmness for the 2017 Xmas awards, we trundled over to the start line to embark on the race with each other’s words of encouragement in our ears “is anyone else a bit chilly,” “Can’t wait to finish and get that mulled wine” and “Oh no it’s not bloody laps is it?” were a few of the standout motivational remarks that danced over Harrier lips as we waited for the claxon to sound.

‘Honk, honk’ FLAMES, cheers and screams “I thought the X Factor final was last night!?” And we were off. Typically, Dan and Ben had completed their first kilometer by the time the rest of us had actually crossed the start line but that was okay, because by this point we had proceeded to a slow patter and I finally started to get some feeling back in my gentleman’s region. The sound of the 12 days of Christmas bellowed out of the lungs of 5 women behind me who clearly wanted to waste their breath on being jolly rather than getting a PB, what fools!

So to the race itself. We went up, then up, then up again, then very quickly down, then back through the house grounds onto Lap 2….That was pretty much the same! Now that clearly doesn’t do the course any justice as we were surrounded by beautiful country landscapes throughout that would be a perfect backdrop for any Christmas card,  as Adrian Arnold said “The scenery is absolutely spectacular darling,” Ok I might have added the darling. What was a matter of fact was the fantastic support that was heard throughout the race from the hundreds of spectators that littered the grounds, and we all know “go, go, go, go Harriers!!!” Yep Ben’s finished already and he’s cheering us all to the end with pumped fists and unused adrenaline, you’ve got to love that guy, Followed by “fiiiiivvvvvveeeeee gollllllllddddddddd ringsssssssssssss.” Yes they were still going for it!

Finally, we’ve finished (after navigating the surely illegal last few steps directly before the finish line,) and it’s time for a mince pie and beer or mulled wine I.E the actual reason we all raced. Whether you like laps or not, Westonbirt is a lovely place to run with great scenery and support throughout.

Reasons to be cheerful:

A sea of Harriers at any event is a wonderful sight.

5 PBs! Christine Campbell, Lucinda Arnold, Kate Beevers, Fran Cole & Hayley Scott (although this was subject to tears when I shouted at her for stopping a KM from the end due to a stitch. That’s coal for Christmas for me!)

Claire Bryant’s sprint finish that burned at least 5 people before the line even without thunder.

Nick Beevers’ strong final 2 km as he spotted Adrian Arnold down the road, and the eloquent terminology he used to describe Adrian who ran back up the hill to meet him as he “had plenty more in the tank.”

A great big whopping medal.

A very festive time had by all!

This year fun, fitness and friends comes as a package deal from the Harriers so if you haven’t already, get yourself down on a Tuesday or Thursday night and deliver your Christmas presence personally J.

Peace to all!


Oh What A Night…

When you’ve spent all year training hard* for events or to get/stay in shape what better way to celebrate all that effort by getting together for a good meal, a few drinks and buckets of laughs with some just brilliant company! It is after all, the most wonderful time of the year. *excludes nominees for best no show award.

Saturday 3rd December saw the Hucclecote Harriers get together for the 2nd Annual Harriers Awards (if you didn’t read that in a suitable Oscars-style voice, please read it again!) at The Cheltenham Chase Hotel. Celebrating the rise and in some cases falls, quite literally, of many of our wonderful Club Members. A fantastic evening of Christmas festivities and an award ceremony, planned with military precision by Clare Bryant. The evening began with pre-dinner drinks and a most amusing game of ‘Spot the Harrier’; it’s very difficult to recognise each other when we’re all dolled up or suited and booted and not the Lycra clad sweaty messes we usually are on a Tuesday evening. Friendly faces & seats found the conversation rapidly turned to a familiar topic when a group of runners get together…”What time are they serving dinner? I’m just starving!” I really must say the hotel did ever so well considering the volume of people that were having their Christmas Do that evening. And THANK YOU Clare for the print outs of who ordered what – up until then it was going to be a case of “Ooh that sounds nice! I’ll have it!!” for me otherwise.

With stomachs & glasses full we gathered in the lounge for the highlight of the evening. The awards!! The votes had been counted…who would be crowned most improved male/female? Who would clinch the top spot as Club Personality? And the most coveted of prizes…best bum!! Gemma Newman and Clare did a sterling job of organising this years awards and prizes with top 3 awards in many categories. So many achievements have been recognised this year from runners of all abilities as well as publicly thanking the many admins, run leaders, route planners and all involved behind the scenes without whom Hucclecote Harriers would not be the club we are  today. See below for full details of the awards & winners.

After the awards we made our way back into the hall for drinks and dancing. Although so many achievements were highlighted, it wasn’t until after the awards other talents emerged…it would seem we’ve some rather talented singers/rappers – lip sync battle have nothing on us, isn’t that right Dan Port?! Then came the moment that had been talked about in hushed tones during dinner.

“Can we have all the Hucclecote Harriers on the dance floor please! Harriers to the floor!!”

The much anticipated group dance was a go! Some time ago it was suggested that all club members attending the Christmas party learn a short dance routine, with which we would stun our fellow party goers. Our awesomeness would leave them open mouthed and amazed!! Or so was the plan…

So we gathered. There was much whispering.

“Did you learn it?”

“Sort of, you?”

“I know a bit.”

And some less than whispers:

“Balls to being at the front!”

“I’ll just stand near the back and blend in.”

“I don’t even dance!”

The song started, Fleur East – Sax. We all looked to Dawne Tearney to lead us, by far our most practiced and accomplished student of this dance. She was amazeballs! Winning herself a nice bottle of wine for her efforts. The rest of us, well, the rest of us had a good time and that’s the important bit, right?! I thought so! Some did just brilliant! Others, well just Jenna and I actually, just bounced around at the back.

And so the night continued, more drinks, more dancing, more laughs. MORE SELFIES!!

A brilliant night was had by all who attended, with some hardy souls even making it to Dave’s 8 a.m. trail run the following morning or just a few hours later for those who stayed until the bar closed!

So, the final review:

Food – 4/5

Atmosphere – 5/5

Company – 5/5

Overall a solid 5/5 from me!

What could have topped it? The attendance of more Harriers, of course. After all, you can never have too much of a good thing.

Thanks so much to all involved in the organisation of this event & the club. It is truly appreciated by every member. I look forward to running & celebrating with you all in 2017. Unless I find an excuse to get me to the top of the ‘no-show’ category then I’m afraid I won’t be there that week! However, I’m not sure I’d be able to pry that trophy out of Iain Williams’ hands with a crowbar!!

Thanks again Harriers!!

Love, love, love!!

Carley O’Brien

1st Runner Up – Best Excuse For A No Show Category, 2016.


An enormous thank you to the following people, who donated prizes for our special awards night:

Robert Sharpe (class pass & sports massage)
Jane Wood Rackham (sports stretch treatment)
Kerry Newell (121 running technique & goal setting)
British metal art (bespoke award)
Gill Cameron (remedial massage)
DB Max events (2 race entries)
Gloucestershire entertainment services (voucher)
Zero energy gels
Russel Barnes – class passes
2 hour self defense class

The club purchased biography books on Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis-Hill & Mo Farah, as well as Hucclecote Harrier orange snoods.


The winners of the annual awards, held at Cheltenham Chase this year, are as follows:

1st, 2nd & 3rd places as voted for by the Harriers.

Best male runner: Dan Port. Time Pearson: Andy Gardiner.

Best female runner: Liezel Bezuidenhout. Cat Lane. Liz Padley.

Most improved male: Tim Pearson. Adrian Arnold. Nigel Stephen Evans.

Most improved female: Dawne Tearney. Liezel. Katie Alice Bradley.

Biggest wipeout/injury: Aaron Ocr-tothebone Davis. Iain Williams. Jenna Warrender.

Club personality: Steve Blackmore. Iain Williams. Nigel Ellis.

Best achievement: Ben. Nigel Evans. Dave Broom.

Biggest contribution: Ben. Dave Jones. Claire Bryant.

Best admin: Claire Bryant. Dave jones. Gemma Newman.

Best male bum: (Thunder, but disqualified as not human) Mitch Hough. Neil Cumming. Dan Port.

Best female bum: Clare Nicholls. Cat lane. Pauline Warrender.

Best overall club member: Dave Jones. Claire Bryant. Steve Blackmore.

Best excuse for a no-show: Iain Williams. Carley O’Brien. Nick Beevers.

Best fitness/weight loss: Clare Bryant. Katie Bradley. Gemma Newman.


On Saturday the 30th April 2016, Hucclecote Harriers took over the Gloucester North Parkrun! Filling all volunteer spots and even a few spaces in the starting lineup, everything was orange and green to mark a very special day. A huge thanks to Steve Blackmore, who co-ordinated the event, and to Dave Jones who designed and ordered excellent business cards! A huge shout out to those that volunteered this time so others could run. It was very successful and a lot of fun. Please visit our Facebook page for photos.


Minutes of meeting re: how to spend funding.

Attended – Ian Fendt, Dave Jones, Clare Nicholls, Liezel Bezuidenhout,Claire Bryant, Lucinda Arnold, Adrian Arnold, Hayley Scott, Mitch Hough,Steve Blackmore

Money to be spent on:

4 poss 5 people to train as run England trainers. Approx £600-750. Tbc who however they need to be committed to being HH run leader when booked to lead.

Winter flood lit rental – fortnightly sessions (sprint/circuits). Approx £25hr so 10 sessions during Nov/dec/Jan/Feb £250. This means Nathan Howarth still gets to do mean sessions

Advertising- felt posters was waste of £ and not really used now. HH members to do an online campaign to promote.
Get HH car stickers (all abilities, tues night inc website, FB, Twitter etc)

HH business cards made

Roll out promotional stand – for pics & promoting etc eg hucclecote show.

Vista print can be good for above

Tops/trainers – unanimous decision not to part fund as only individuals benefit

Instagram – Hayley to set up account & manage

£100 float would be preferable

Equipment wish list-
First AID kits x2 £15
Ladder runs
Bungee cords/resistance bands
Medicine balls (3 sizes)
Skipping ropes x2
Stop watch
Sandbags – 10 & 20 kgs
Belt/chain with tyre if 2nd required
Kettle bell set
More flags
Mitre do agility set similar price to buying seperate but in a bag
Something to measure distance as Nathan’s 100m is wayyy out!

Storage – where? No decision made. Claire b does have room if wanted.

Prizes for 2016 Xmas awards

Glos Parkrun takeover – need HH volunteers 30 April. Perhaps give a promotional item to all attendees – eg. fridge magnet with key info about group.

Ian can get corporate discount –

Summer social BBQ requested

Dave to organise 10m Severn bridge run

Claire to organise forest run


Copy of an email received regards the bid for Active Sport Funding:

“Dear Ben

I finally have some good news for you as earlier this afternoon I visited the team dealing with the Active Together funding applications. (This follows a meeting I had a few days before Christmas.).

Barring any last minute complications I anticipate that in the next two or three work days you will receive email confirmation that funds totalling £1,535-60 will be released to you.

As you may recall I am happy to support your application for: running kits, marketing and equipment. However, I do not feel that your application for funds to cover race entries fits so well with the criteria set down for the “Active Together” scheme.

I hope you will find the funding you receive helpful in building on the excellent work you have already done. I have to say that I have been extremely impressed by what you and your colleagues have already achieved. The unprompted anecdotal comments have have received from various local people in support of your “work” has been impressive and heart warming. You have much to be proud of.

It does disappoint me that it has taken so long for your application to reach this stage and I hope that the final administration stage will not follow the same pattern.

Who knows, one day I may put on my running shoes again and join you, but for now I will simply continue to follow your progress on Facebook. Thank you for the encouragement you are providing to people to get/keep fit.

Kind regards,


Cllr. David Brown
City Councillor for Hucclecote
County Councillor for Barnwood and Hucclecote”

Stay tuned for our first ever Hucclecote Harriers Newsletter!