Our club

On Tuesday 31st March 2015, Hucclecote Harriers Running Club was born! From Just a few runners that first night, to a group of over 1000 members now the club has evolved to become a place where people of all ages an abilities can share and celebrate their hobby with other like-minded friends.

The Hucclecote Harriers are community run and not affiliated which is what sets us apart from other clubs, it’s not about being the fastest runner or covering the longest distance, instead it’s about the feeling of a community, enjoying the journey and supporting each other.

Visit our Facebook page to find even more out about our club.

Who can come along?

Anyone and everyone! Our only rule is that all runners at club nights are 18+ this is for the safety of younger runners. Our sessions do not require payment or subscription, but you can follow us on Twitter, or find us on Facebook to keep up to date with what events are planned, and mark yourself as attending to keep updated with any news or changes in regards to that specific session.

What ability do I have to be?

All abilities are welcome. Whether you can jog a couple of miles at 14 minutes a mile or run or give Mo Farah a run for his money, everyone is welcome. We have a schedule of different events that cater to different running abilities and preferences, including our Couch to 5 Km sessions, and 5km to 10 km improvers sessions. In addition we have a number of members who are qualified Leaders in Running Fitness and this enables up to split up our sessions into different pace groups where required. No harrier is left behind!

Where do we run?

Always in Hucclecote or its close borders.

What does a typical session look like?

We vary our sessions on a 6 week cycle. Sessions include: strength/circuit training, hill repetitions, sprints and interval training and long distance up to 8 miles.

Who’s in charge?

Whilst no one is ‘in charge’  there is a committee who look after the running of the club. See the committee page for more information.

Are we covered by insurance?

NO! As with any voluntary organisation, you take part at your own risk and we are not covered by the same health and safety legislation as most sports clubs.

We are just mates out for a fun run and you are joining us!

How much does it cost?

Nothing! It is free and the only cost is the occasional sore legs the following morning!

Group Waiver and Guidelines can be viewed here.

By joining the Facebook group, you agree to the Waiver and Guidelines of the Hucclecote Harriers.

Gloucester Sports

We are also linked to Gloucester Sports, who produce our club kit. They are a very friendly, professional and talented team who have runner’s best interests at heart. Visit the Gloucester Sports website. If you are a regular member of the Harriers, you will receive a 10% discount.

Club testimonials

“It took me about 6 months of being a Facebook ‘background lurker’ to pluck up the courage to actually attend a session. I’d started a couch to 5K programme on my own so joined the club during the latter weeks.
My first session was 20/20 which meant that I could run at my own speed and not be last.
Well, nearly 2 years on and I’m still running with the club. My Harriers family are so encouraging that, no matter what speed you are (and I’m a snail pace), we all support each other until the end.” – Gill

“So as a fairly new member to the group I have been asked “Why do I like running with the Hucclecote Harriers?”
So here goes:
-Firstly, they’re the most warm & inviting group of people making you feel at ease from the off!
-It’s free and fun, organised for the runners by the runners with no hidden agenda
-Every member shares empathy, encouragement, congratulations, great listening skills and an uplifting sense of humour!
-In such a short space of time I have gained what I consider to be another family!
-I have said to family and friends these words I quote “I would not have got anywhere near where I want to be with my running had it not been for the Hucclecote Harriers” I couldn’t imagine them not being a part of my life now!” – Sarah

“Took me an age to finally pluck up the courage to turn up and run with HH – best thing I’ve ever done and honestly wish I’d done it sooner – the support I get from my running family has pushed me further and harder than I even knew was possible – every time I want to give up or feel I can’t go on there’s a sea of orange and green willing me on. Come join the #orangearmy – whether you’re a snail paced newbie or hot on Mo’s heels, there’s a place for all … No one gets left behind, full of advice and more support than you knew possible, you’ll never look back” – Sharon

“I’m a newbie at the Harriers recruited after Gloucester Half 2017, I was always nervous about joining a run group since I currently pace slowly due to old injury, thought I would hold others up and personally I was frustrated by my pace. The Harriers have been such a good experience for me everyone is encouraging and friendly, great mix of abilities, the faster lot do loop backs behind the slower runners (normally to find me) they are encouraging when their looping back, definitely the best thing I’ve done to improve my running game.” -Richard

“This isn’t just a running group, it’s a family… everybody cares about everybody else. The support during runs and outside of events is there 24×7. I never thought I’d join a running group and it took me a lot of courage to go along on the first night but it was the best and most enjoyable thing I have ever done as I now have so many more friends….oh and my running improved too!” – Wendy

“Shops, chippy, petrol station, walking the dog… all places I bump into other harriers. It sudden seems like I know loads of people in the local community. What a great bunch they all are. I could never have imagined meeting so many nice people. Harriers is now part of my identity. I love it and I love my fellow Harriers.” – Ben.

“I’ve been with the Harriers from the beginning after searching for a local running club for some time in the hopes of bettering my running ability. Not only do I feel I have achieved something, I have also made some good friends within the club. It’s been great to feel instantly accepted by everyone who runs with us. There is an amazing atmosphere and friendly community spirit. Would I recommend Hucclecote Harriers to others….YES! and I do quite often.” – Dom.

“I have been with the harriers since the beginning. I was able to knock 4 minutes off my 10km PB in only a couple of months. A great bunch of people and I love running with others.” – Gemma.

“For me, Hucclecote Harriers represent everything that I love about running. Everyone is made to feel welcome and everyone is welcome. I love donning the orange to represent my club!” – Dan.

“Hucclecote Harriers had a huge impact on me on my first trip out with you guys, the tarmac! I’ve had wonderful support and encouragement to return and now have my first two park runs (Plock Court) under my belt.” – Lucinda.

“You know how, in the movie American Pie, Alyson Hannigan’s character bores everyone to tears, by starting nearly every sentence with: “This one time, at band camp………” Well, if you substitute “band camp” for “Hucclecote Harriers”, then you’ve basically got me over the last four months! I absolutely love everything to do with the Harriers!” – Steve.

I joined after a few months mainly to get fit. What I have found is a great group of people willing to help and encourage anyone willing to run for fun, or a marathon.” – Nigel.

I joined at the beginning and at that point I’d never ran more than 15 minutes without stopping. On the first night I went for 40 mins without stopping! Six months later I did my first 10k and other Harriers supported me over the finish line. Weight loss has been a noticeable side effect for me (over 4stone) but my V02 (fitness) has gone from ‘poor’ to ‘average’ to ‘good’ in just a few months. We are a friendly, supportive group and I’ve incorporated the Tuesday run night into my routine.” – Claire.

“I started with club from beginning and have had the pleasure of running with so many people of different abilities which has also brought me on in my running. I view members as friends because everyone is so social and friendly. I would recommend to everyone to join a running club it gives you such a positive push.” – Dave

Please visit our Facebook group to keep up to date with the most recent news and events.