Location of training

We meet at Hucclecote Green on Green Lane at 7 p.m. every Tuesday and opposite the Victoria Pub on Ermin Street on Thursdays. See you there!

Current 5 week training plan 

Here is the SUMMER programme: Check events for more details. Facebook Events are created a fortnight in advance.

Week 1 – 20/20 – Out in a straight line for 20 mins and then head back for 20 mins. Head towards Bentham Domes. Next Event 14/08/18

Week 2 (2 groups) – Next Event 21/08/18
– 5k/10k Pace Week. Run a set 10k/5k route. Different Harriers will run at a set pace and you choose one and try and stay with them.
5K Route
10K Route
– 5 to 10K Group (increasing distance)

Week 3 – OFF ROAD Set routes – Novice, beginner, intermediate & advanced. Varying distances run at your own pace. Loop backs in your own group. All done off road. Next Event 28/08/18
4 miles Novice
4.5 miles
5.3 miles
6.5 miles

Week 4 – Stump Lane – Head to Stump Lane for hill repeats. Next Event 31/07/18

Week 5 (2 groups)- Next Event 07/08/18
– Sprints – Head to the field for sprint intervals and some fun with the parachutes, tyre drags and speed resistors.
– 5 to 10K Group (increasing distance)

THURSDAYS: Meet at 7pm on Ermin Street near the alleyway for Tesco opposite the Victoria Pub. The route is 10k but if you want to chop a mile off, then slower runners can miss Dog Lane. There are always run backs, and a tail runner if available. No one will be left behind!

Forthcoming Handicap Runs: Click here

Extra sessions:

Every Sunday

Don’t forget Dave does Sunday morning long runs too (see Facebook for details).

The NHS Couch to 5K training plan can be found here. It is hugely popular for complete novices and those coming back from injury.